Sandra Lucke

Ethel means a lot to me. I think I met her when I was about 22 yrs. old. Of course, years
passed before there was a connection again but the renewal was always a pleasure. She leaves
an incredibly positive, intellectual, woman of strength, creative, legacy to the family tree.

Sandra shares this email Ethel sent to her
Hi Sandra
I loved the picture of you in the snow - doing sculpturing. My Mexican friend would have given anything
to have been able to do that when she was in WA in July but everything had turned to ice and she couldn't
hold any snow in her hand. I remember my mother canning apricots each year. They were her favorite fruit.
I haven't canned anything for years but I always loved to see those jars sitting in her cupboard. If Mom
were here she would tell me I am just lazy and she is probably right. Sometimes I use the excuse I am old
but she wouldn't have let me get away with that. Old was not a word she understood.
I try to be like her as much as possible.
Love and Hugs

This is the first and only lunch I've had with Ethel one-on-one in August 2007. As you know, she
planned her appointments for WA state visit from her home in Mazatlan. We chatted and discussed
a few topics at the Olive Garden restaurant. While she's totally engaging, she never takes away
one's energy and knows that quiet is OK too. Time to eat the food, pause, begin talking again and
linger after the meal is finished. I liked her timing that stemmed from a business sense and then
softened by age and that sense of living in the present. She knew when to end the luncheon. We
exchanged pleasantries walking to our cars. It was incredible to realize she would be driving as
an elder. There in the restaurant parking lot is where we let each other go our individual ways.