Laurel Mackie
What a wonderful mother you have/had. She was truly a gem.
She reached so many people in her older years, including my sister
in Oregon, my daughter and myself. An interesting sidelight is that
I was in Stockton's Paint yesterday, buying supplies - her day of transition!
I hadn't been there for a number of years, and found it to be a bit nostalgic.
Now to hear the news, I feel like I was drawn there in some sort of celebration.
My thoughts are with you. I will always see her in your smile [grin]

Donna (in Kent)
She was always such an inspiration to her followers. I so enjoyed getting to
meet her once in Mazalan and spend some time visiting with her. I have four
of her books and was hoping that her newest one would be published. I looked
forward to her weekly reports and really missed them when they stopped coming.

Ken Kraemer
My condolences to you and the rest of your family.
Your mother was a good woman and left me with many fond memories.

MaryLou Shortreed
I only just met your mother last March in Mazatlan.
She is an unforgettable lady and it would have
been fun to know her many years sooner.

Peggy Hartman
I'm so sorry for your mother's death. I read her 3 novels and
gave them to several friends to read and we were all delighted.
I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet and talk with your mom.
She was really cool.

Gina Little
I have been missing her weekly emails so very much so I knew something
horrible was happening to Ethel. I wish I lived close so I could be
there to celebrate her life!! The best to you and your family.

Sunday morning will never be the same without Ethel. I have had breakfast
with her almost every Sunday morning for at least four years and have felt
the void since she left Mazatlan to be with family. Thanksgiving and Easter
also will have an empty seat at my table. So many of us feel a terrible void.

Rebecca Lerma
I was surprised to read on facebook about her death, I was planning on visiting her
in Oct. as I will be visiting my daughter who lives in Auburn. She was dearly loved
and respected by many people in Mazatlan and she will be missed. My consolences.

Katie McLane
I loved your mom bunches.
I hope she wasn't in any pain and surrounded by the family she loved so much.

Linda Hull
I met your Mom about 4 years ago in her patio, in a small apt in the Centro area.
We had such a lovely talk. I was moved with her grace in entertaining me, someone
new to MX, who didn't quite understand what her writing seminars were about.
I bought her book! She has touched so many of us in Mazatlan! My condolences to you
and your very large family with which she loved and doted on from afar, so very much

Carrie Barbee
I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of Ms Ethel. As with many
countless people, I am so fortunate to have known her. She was a
woman of grace, class, and kindness. I will miss her.

Alyce Quiros
My deepest sypathy to you and your family. I knew your mother in Mazatlan.
She was an inspriation to us all and an example of how to live life to the fullest.
I will miss her and her e mails connecting me with beloved Mazatlan.

Charlene and Larry Bauthues
She was a great woman, in so very many ways and she will be missed.
I pray that her passing was peaceful.

Jacqueline Partridge
Your mother was wonderful. Myself and Mike used to meet with her on Fridays to discuss
our writing ( she was a hard taskmaster) and sometimes I would bring the Kentucky Fried
chicken that she loved. I am glad she was home with the family when it happened.

Viki Wilson
Ethel was the greatest, and I loved her dearly.
I'm so glad I got down here in time to know her, however briefly.

Peggy Reece
I am so sorry for your loss! You had a wonderful mother! I know that many were encouraged
by Ethel's weekly words of common sense and cheer. I am sure that many are living the good
life because of Ethel. She left a loving legacy and I hope that all your family will feel
blessed and comforted by that. May you each have lives of adventure that fit you as well
as hers did her! Sincerely, Peggy Reece (one of the many who heard Ethel speak, found her
irresistible, and signed up for her weekly emails of encouragement)

Anne Kennedy
I was privileged to be Ethel's friend for the past 5 years. She moved into my
condominium and started a Scrabble weekly. She was an amazing and amusing person
and player. I have been privileged to know her. Bunny and I had one last game
before she went north. We have both decided that she is our hero, and our role
model for how we want to be when we get "old". Age was just a number with Ethel.
How I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I will have a martini in her
honour during the scheduled party time. Every time I think of her...I will smile.

irma becerra
my heartfelt condolences to her dear ones.. you were blessed to have her in your lives
for so many years... may she share her stories with the angels.. she will be missed by
this mazatlan amiga...i will always have fond memories of fun times shared with ethel...
she was a lady, a true gem, and a good friend

Bunny Eyer
I just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you, Michael and your families.I played scrabble
with your Mom every Sunday during football season for the past two years. We had a ball...eating
junk food, sharing the latest gossip and yes...playing scrabble. Our motto was always
"What happens at Ethel's, stays at Ethels". She was an inspiration to us all. We will miss her.
I have kept the Ethel Stockton Scrabble Group going, and your mom would be pleased
that we are up to 6 people and we have two boards playing every Sunday at the same
time that she and I always did. Only one other person knew your mom, but some
comment always arises between us like "That was an Ethel tactic!". She was the
greatest bluffer in the world when it came to putting down non-words. She could
keep a straight face better than anyone! And 9 times out of 10 she got away with it!
I remember her fondly and always will. My love to you and your family.

Jan Florez
I enjoyed Ethel's weekly updates, etc...what a positive and bright woman...
The little time I had contact with her, she touched me..made me smile...
Peace and comfort for you and your family...she did live it her way...

Maria Elena Rogers
Your mom and I were very fond of each other, at one time we played a lot of Scrabble, there
were 3 of us, Cheri, your mom and myself....Cheri died this past April from Lou Gehrigs
Disease....too young, in her 60's. Ethel was a very smart lady, she was an inspiration to me,
I will miss her very much. Sure wish I could be at the "Celebration" on Monday, I am in L.A.
now, will return to Maz in a few weeks. My Spmpathy and Caring to you and the Family.

Barbara Amman
She was a special woman and I am grateful that I had the privilege
of knowing her. She definitely did live "the good life."

Margaret Loftis
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Ethel. What a great lady. I only knew her in
her last 10 years or so but I can only hope I will have as much energy, insight and positive
attitude as she showed in all the years I knew her when I reach her age. You should all be
proud to have her as your mom, grandma, cousin and on and on. I am happy to have known her
and am saddened that she is no longer here to share her positive, but also real look at life.

Shirley Powaukee
So sorry to hear about Ethel....I meant her in mazatlan,mexico a couple of years ago.
she was a red hatter there and we had lunch with her and got to have a couple of her
books. we will miss her letters each week . the e-mails were so cute and I hope to live
as long as she did and how she prayer are with you and your families....
my love for Ethel will always be there when I think of mexico..........take care

Olie Mathieson
I was so sorry to hear of Ethel's passing. I did not know her very well but
when I was in Mazatlan I would give her a call and sometimes we would have
lunch. Ethel so loved Mazatlan and she was very happy there. It was her
"paradise" I am glad that she was up North when she died. Again I am so sorry.

Carolyn Jones
I met her both in Mazatlan and Silverdale, Wa. She was quite a lady that we
all enjoyed being around. If her last book gets published, please let me know.

Rubye Ethel Hinton
Dearest Ethel, As your family celebrates your life together, I am celebrating your life here
in Mazatlan by remembering all the positive words and talks to admonish me over the years I
have known you. I want to thank you for being the person who gave me her trust and friendship.
You will live on through so many and I am glad to say I am one who will carry you in my heart
until perhaps we meet again on another shore. With all my heart, Rubye Ethel Hinton

Sherry Bonnett
Thank you Ethel for coming to our Red Hat meeting, your many words of wisdom stayed
with me, you left a special meaning to Life, it was an honor to have met you.
Sherry Bonnett Razzle Dazzle Berries Red Hat Camano Island, Wa.

Linda Bruce
I had the privilege of having Ethel stay with us twice when she was on the Kitsap Peninsula and
was a guest speaker at our Red Hat group here in Silverdale. She was a delight! We corresponded
by email, too, for several years. She was someone who made you wish that you could have met years
ago. She sure led by example of how to live the good life as we age. She will be missed by many!

Vicki Hedtke
Hi, I'm just another person who was inspired by Ethel for having the gumption to live on her own in a
country where she didn't know the language and didn't let that stop her. I don't even remember where
or when I first got signed up with her postings, but it was always nice to read the latest. And I never
even managed to read any of her books, so at least I still have something to look forward to! Thanks Ethel.

Deb Harrigan
While I didn't know Ethel well, having only met once while I was vacationing in Mazatlan Mexico
about 6 years ago, she was a bright light and spirit and I was grateful for the chance encounter.
She included me in her email list and I enjoyed her weekly update emails. I also purchased
several of her books. She was an inspiration - she had a wonderful outlook on life and seemed
to have it all figured out in that she didn't let things that didn't matter get to her.
My condolences to you and your family on the loss of a great woman, mother, and friend....

Noel V. Bourasaw
Your mother will be in my thoughts. I didn't realize that her health had turned for the
worse. I am up in Canada but if I return in time for her memorial service, I will attend.

Faith Cory
Your mother was one of the rare ones, loved by so many and and remembered with joy. She
will be missed greatly. It was good of you to let us all know, I send love and prayers to
you and your family. IŽll bet Ethel already has her desk set up and is getting on with
another story from her new home in heaven. Love and blessings, Faith Cory Oaxaca, Mexico

Barbara Weisman
I only knew Ethel for a short time as we were Scrabble buddies for
about four months before she returned to Washington. It was a short time
but...WOW.... she made a long and memorable impression on me as a most
incredible woman. Her philosophy on life was so freeing, so joyful and
so live it to the mostest...NOW and NOT LATER. What else can I say but
that she inspired me. I loved her and I will miss her!

Hannah Shinjwa Kim
I heard from Lynn that Mike's mother has passed away.
I just would like to express my deep condolences to you and your family.
She must have been very proud of a son like Mike and a daughter-in-law like Julie.
I just hope that you and your family find comfort in the thought that she is
now resting in the arms of Jesus surrounded by everlasting love of our God.
With love,
Blessings to you,
Prof. Shinjwa Kim
ISLL, Handong Global University

Nancy Setterbo
I'm sorry to hear that Ethel is gone. It was always a pleasure to receive
a letter from her. She was always upbeat and chatty, as if we were in the
same room together. She was admired and loved and will be sorely missed.

Cliff & Lena Brown
We knew Ethel for 7 years after our move to Mazatlan. She was a heck
of a Scrabble player, the closest I came to beating her was one point
a few years back. She will be missed and we send our deepest condolences.

Sharon Grisham
I enjoyed each month her news letter from Mexico. I first became acquainted
with your Mom at the Village Book Store. I am from Bellingham, as well.
Yes she will be missed and her inspiration will certainly go on.

Nancy Wilford and Mary Jane Neill
I received your mother's e-mails for a friend of mine. Mary Jane Neill and
your mother were friends and enjoyed the life style and sharing stories of
Mexico. Mary (92) lives in Phoenix and has no computer so through the
e-mails passed along to her she was able to hear how Ethel's life was touching
so many. I was able to meet your mom once and she was an amazing lady.
Thank you again for letting us know, I will pass the news on to Mary.

Sue Phillips (Via email, Nov 14, 2010)
Happy Birthday Mom. I haven't wanted to say good bye. I didn't want to let
you go. I always wanted you to be just an e-mail away, but the problem with that
is the selfishness of it all. I was just thinking about me and not about you.
Today I can say good bye and let you go with loving thoughts. You were always
so helpful to me. Thank you for always being my 'Mom'. I will always love you.
You will always be with me in Spirit...Sue

Doris Donnell
I am so glad I got to meet your mother as she was an extra-ordinary woman. Her
self assurance was amazing and she seemed to live life to its fullest. Although
everything she tried to do may not have worked out as she planned, she had the
courage to try. She certainly left her mark and will be missed by many.
I wish I could have known her better and been able to claim her as a friend.

Brian Trotto (next door neighbor in the late 40's & early 50's)
I have vivid memories of eating your mom's pancakes. Hotcakes/pancakes...
moving from Bellingham to Canada mixed up words so I don't really remember
what we called them at your house back then. But I do have an absolute and
total recall of the experience of eating pancakes at your house. There is a
'flavour thing' with respect to certain foods and beverages that includes beer
and pancakes. With beer, it started for me, with my dad giving me a sip of cold
beer out of a long-neck bottle at maybe the age of 6. The magic moment of flavour.
Hops, malt, carbonation, in perfect unison. I have experienced the same fleeting
flavour on the first sip of cold beer from time to time (ahem!) over many years.
The second sip kills it and you don't get it back that day. Your mom's pancakes
had the magic pancake flavour that is in league with the magic beer flavour.
I don't remember if she made scratch pancakes or used a mix, but I do remember
the exact flavour and texture of her pancakes... benchmark pancake perfection.
My two kids love pancakes and every once in a while I would hit it... Ethel Stockton
Pancakes. My kids have known who your mom was their whole lives... Ethel Stockton,
the lady that made the best pancakes ever. When I showed them the picture you sent
me they both said it. I hope this little story has brought a smile... it did here.

Paul Dorpat
Some mom!