Nancy Goforth

I am not able to attend the memorial as it is my Red Hat ladies day,
which is fitting as she always loved my reports on my red hat days events.
Ethel was guest speaker at a couple of our PJ breakfast events.

She made my cruise port stops special when we met for lunch in Mazatlan,
the last time being last December. Once was with her red hat group.

She was speaking up here and had to go to Shelton.
I knew exactly where the place was, so I offered to drive her.
She was very appreciative and thanked me over and over, and I thought WOW!
I get Ethel all to myself for 1 hour each way in the car.
I was not disappointed, we had a wonderful chat. and I didn't have to share her!

I hope someone will have her last book published,
she was planning to use a picture I took of her for the book.
I would love to read it.

I am proud to have known her and call her friend. She will be missed.

Wonderful memory of a day with a wonderful lady