Linda Rommel

It was a wonderful party for your mom yesterday. I'm sure she would 
have loved everything about it, especially the great food!
Today on PBS I heard a talk about a book called The Land of Long 
Fingernails. One of the people talking related a story from Lucia who 
when asked what he thought happened to us when we die replied that he 
thought instead of becoming souls like so many believe, he thinks we 
become stories. I think Ethel would have loved that thought and we 
all know that she has become so many wonderful stories for all of us.

Ethel became my mentor when I was 28 and Richard and I started a 
little music trio. We called ourselves "Linda"s Trio". Ethel thought 
we needed a classier look to our bandstand so she had an artist 
friend paint a sign for us and we used it for years.

Ethel taught me to meditate when I visited her apartment over the 
paint store in Bellingham. I think I was 30.

She gave me her book on money so I could have better financial knowledge.
Throughout the years that Ethel lived in Mexico we became frequent 
email buddies and there were many nights we kissed good night to put 
on our jammies. There was no subject that was taboo for us to discuss 
and we talked about everything.  She told me about meeting her soul 
mate when a flight was delayed and that although they only had a few 
hours talking together, he was a great love in her life.
Of course we giggled together and traded recipes and shared our lives 
wisdoms. Secretly I always thought she should have been my mom 
because she understood me so much more than my own.

We were the best of friends and there are no regrets between us 
except for missing that last martini together. I might add that I 
have since had one for both of us and suffered the next mornings 
consequences knowing that Ethel was having a good laugh on me.

I forgot to mention my favorite part of yesterday was the wonderful 
picture show you and Bryce put together. My friend Cherryl and I, 
whose mother went to school with Ethel, were glued to the screen. 
Good job! Also I was tickled to see a couple of pictures where Ethel 
was wearing her hair in braids on top of her head like I am doing 
these days. I would really like to get a copy of one of those if it 
is possible. I don't have a printer so I can wait until I see you 
again. Thanks again for putting together such a loving tribute to your
mom. It was perfect that Pegi made sure everything was so colorful. 
Ethel would have liked that too.

I will always celebrate "The Good Life".
Linda (Thelin) Rommel